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Hello and welcome!

I have been told that when I was younger I did not stop talking! I remember talking incessantly at my younger brother and sister and so it made sense for me to become a Speech and Language Therapist! 

I have 15 years experience within the NHS as a highly specialist therapist working with a caseload of pre-school clients with complex special needs and feeding difficulties.  2016 is looking to be an exciting year, which sees me developing my own private practice, offering support to families within some of the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire regions of the UK.  Please contact me for more information. 

I feel passionately about the children I work with and wanted a way to organise my therapy thoughts, ideas and approaches so that it was accessible to families and other therapists alike.  All information, research and thoughts expressed on this website are my own, unless referenced elsewhere. 

Hopefully, I'll inspire you fellow therapists and some parents to believe that children with special needs can make great strides with their interaction and communication.

Hope to have you following me soon,


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